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A Vision of Empathy

The Ground-breaking New Autism Acceptance Book

Empathetic, professionally illustrated and insightful.

- Anna Kennedy OBE
Katie Price: Harvey and Me (BBC 1)

A strikingly illustrated children's book to increase autism understanding.

- The National Autistic Society
Your Voice Magazine

This imaginative story builds the bridge of empathy.

- Dr W. Lawson (PhD. CPschol AFBSs)
Prominent Autistic Professional

A Vision of Empathy tells the story of Noah and Sadey on an adventure at the New View Zoo.
Noah does some strange things. Like flapping his fingers and hitting his head. In fact, most everything he does is totally weird. Why? Sadey thinks there’s just no explanation! But with the help of some amazing animals and crazy critters, Sadey gets a glimpse inside of Noah’s world and learns that, just maybe, there’s a reason for everything!

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It is one of the best stories I have ever read, and it explains autism in such a way that you can't fail to understand how the characters actually feel.

- Abigail Hawkins, The SENsible SENCO
SENDCO Solutions

By following Sadey, as she embarks on a journey of discovery, the reader is introduced to several widely misunderstood autistic traits. One by one, the reason for each becomes clear.

The entertaining story helps all children to understand autism in a fun, relatable way.

Autistic children, in particular, will enjoy reading a story with characters with whom they can identify similarities.

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This book is excellent in helping those without autism see that not everyone sees or reacts to the world in the same way. Great to help children understand differences.

- Mrs V. Whitfield
Autism Mum

The book can help parents to improve their (and their family's) understanding during or following diagnosis.

It can also help neurotypical children to better understand their siblings who have autism, and to develop patience.


Parents & Siblings

This book is absolutely beautiful. A true reflection. Totally got me! I've never read such an amazing book with a lump in my throat and tears streaming down my face.

- Mrs C. Davies

Autism Mum & Assistant Teacher

For nursing, special educational needs, and social care professionals, this book is "CPD in a whole new format".

Teachers and teaching assistants can use it as a resource to educate about autism and sensory processing disorders.



This book could be useful for learning mentors also... perfect for a child who was being unkind to someone different.  I genuinely loved the book.

- Mrs V. Marsland

Autism Mum & SENCO

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