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Meet Deed

Born in Chester in 1984, Dunkle Deed grew up in Ellesmere Port, UK. He was a shy and quiet child, and would get embarrassed (and go bright red!) really easily! He was also very caring and helpful so others would always come to him if they were stuck with their work. He loved to read, and his favourite author was Roald Dahl.

He's now 39 with a beautiful son and daughter, (14 and 11). He's moved to Ellesmere because it's a bit quicker to say than Ellesmere Port! It's lovely with canals, lakes and friendly people.

These days, he still likes to help others, so he's a manager in a service helping people with mental ill-health to achieve their goals. As an author, he also likes to visit schools to show children how enjoyable being creative can be!

He's good at cooking, has a black belt in Shotokan Karate and likes to play the piano.

How Deed Bee-came a Children's Author

Dunkle Deed had always wanted to be a children's author, ever since he first read his all-time favourite author, Roald Dahl.


But as the years went by, this ambition faded. He worked, for many years, as a support worker for children with autism and people with learning disabilities. Being 'like Roald Dahl' was a long forgotten memory, until...




He was at Aled Isaf Reservoir in North Wales (right), skimming stones when it happened. 


He thrashed out, as you do, without thinking, but as the bee flew away, he sat and thought.

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Beeely - Seperate.png

How had a little buzz made him go bonkers? And how must that poor bee have felt when he whacked it? He just had to write about it... but he wasn't actually sure why. 'A grown man writing about a bee?' he thought, as he drafted a poem.


Then, he realised...


That day, in the form of a bee, the one thing he had always wanted to do had flown back into his life! His love for creative writing was reborn, and on 12/12/12, that very bee came to life in its very own Eeenimals book: 


Because it was based on what happened to Dunkle Deed, he drew the main character, Clarke, to look a bit like him. As it goes, Deed is now several years older, so has loads more wrinkles and has started to go a bit bald! He's starting to think he will actually turn into Clarke after all!

Deed LOVES bees, so 10% of Beeely sales are donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Beeely - Transparent Background.png

Dunkle Deed will always remember that bee, who will never know how much it changed his life. Not only did it remind Deed to follow his dreams, it taught him that inspiration can come flying into your head from anywhere... at any time!

But now... he's always ready for it!

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